Walking as He Walked

Oct 24, 2021

I. A “zoom lens” look at Jesus’ _________________ style
A. He was __________________ in a variety of spiritual and physical ___________________. v35
B. He was __________________ to the pain and struggle of those around Him. v36
C. He was not satisfied to _____________ about needs; He was driven to _________________ them. v37 D. He was _________________ of His Father’s active ___________________ in ministering to others. v38
II. A “wide-angle” look at Jesus’ ministry style
A. He knew _____________ He had come. Luke 4
B. He was willing to be called “a __________________ of sinners”. Mark 2
C. He gave _______________ to those who could not __________________ Him. Mark 5
D. He understood the __________________ between physical and spiritual needs. John 6 E. He emphasized that the __________________ governs the hand. Matthew 15
F. He consistently __________________ others to step forward in ministry. Mark 6, John 17
The need for gospel-motivated gospel-ministry
So, what does it mean for you to walk “in His steps”?

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