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Worship with us at
Twin Oaks Presbyterian Church

 Corporate Worship:   10:30AM

Shining the Spotlight on Christ.

Twin Oaks Presbyterian Church shines the spotlight on Jesus Christ by employing the Word, Sacraments, and prayer in biblically grounded worship, discipleship, and outreach.


Worship is our great privilege and our greatest priority.  We believe that public worship is a meeting of our Triune God with His chosen people. The goal of public worship, and each element of it, is the glory of God.


The word "disciple" means learner, and at Twin Oaks we strive to learn at the feet of Jesus through careful study of His Word. Through the various ministries of the church, we seek to put each person into close contact with Christ, equipping them to know and follow his truth.


The Church of Jesus Christ is a missionary organization, tasked to take the Gospel to the nations.  We recognize that biblical missionary activity comprises more than mere philanthropy, so, we do not content ourselves with offering only physical and temporal compassion, but also strive to give the spiritual food of the Gospel.  Along with our corporate efforts, every member of Twin Oaks is equipped to be a missionary to their family, friends, and neighbors.  

Where To Find Us

1230 Big Bend Road
Ballwin, Missouri 63021