A digital pictorial Church Directory is now available to our Membership and Regular Attendees.

We understand the importance in providing privacy and security, so our online directory is accessible through a secure, password-protected site, as well as apps for Android and iOS. NOTE: Passwords for the directory are limited to 12 characters. Characters may be any combination of letters and/or numbers.

Members and regular attendees may be included in the church directory and register for the app.

If you would like to be added to the directory, please contact Stephanie Reynolds @ or Les Prouty @
If you need assistance with the directory, please call the church office @ 636-861-1870 or email Stephanie Reynolds or Les Prouty.

After you have gained access to the directory with your username and password, you can download the free mobile app by searching “Guide Book Publishing” at your app store. When first downloading, hold your device in the vertical/portrait position to ensure proper formatting. You will be asked for our mobile privacy code. It is twinoakschurch. When the app opens, enter your username and password and select “remember me” if you want the app to store your information.

This online Guide Book and Directory is made available free of charge for each family of the congregation for their private use only.

The online Guide Book and Directory is and shall remain the property of this congregation and is intended for the private use of the members and regular attendees of this organization only. Use of this online Guide Book and Directory by anyone for a business purpose and/or for phone, mail, or email solicitation is strictly forbidden.

Click HERE to get started with your Twin Oaks Church online directory.