Our Motto

Our Motto provides a brief answer to the question, "What is Twin Oaks Church all about?"

Motto: We shine the spotlight on Christ.

Our Mission

Given that our Motto is simply a succinct statement of our Mission—which is intended to describe who we are, and what we will do in order to spotlight Christ—the broader answer to the question, “What is Twin Oaks all about?” is:

Mission: Twin Oaks Presbyterian Church shines the spotlight on Jesus Christ through biblically grounded worship, discipleship, and outreach.

Our Vision

While our Mission is therefore intended to describe who we are, and the particular ministries we will utilize in order to spotlight Christ, our Vision describes the church we hope to become, and the results we expect our Mission to produce.

Vision: By the grace of God the Father, through the work of the Holy Spirit, Twin Oaks Presbyterian Church strives to become a congregation whose reputation is synonymous with fidelity to Jesus Christ, whose people live for Him, and whose ministries shine the spotlight on Christ and Him crucified, resulting in the maturity of His saints and in the salvation of the lost.