Sunday School is from 9-9:55am and Worship Time is from 10:30-11:45am (approximately) meeting in classroom 217.

Oaks Too is a ministry to children and young adults with special needs. It is also, however, a ministry to their parents, who would very likely be unable to attend church on a regular basis without a class for their children.In the classroom, we sing, read a simple Bible story, recite a memory verse and a few simple catechism questions.  The basic idea, as with all our children's Sunday School classes, is to teach the children that they are loved by God.

If you have a  child with special needs please contact the church office at 636 861 1870. Please let us know in advance if you are attending so we can make arrangements  to help your child adjust and enjoy being a part of our community.


We have recently begun taking the children into the sanctuary after Sunday School for the first part of the service, and taking them back to the classroom after the offertory. In this way, they can experience the worship service and the music, and it also helps the congregation be more aware of the ministry.


This is a very easy and rewarding volunteer opportunity. There are usually 3-4 adults to care for no more than 3 children.  It is a pleasure to work with these children and see their smiles, knowing that we can teach them about God's love for them.

We can always use volunteers during the Sunday School hour, and we are trying to recruit more people to help in the classroom during the worship service as well. If you choose to volunteer, you will not be scheduled more than once every 4-6 weeks.

If you think you may be interested in checking out our class, please feel free to stop by Room 217 any Sunday to observe. You can also talk to Connie Orear, Irene Jones, Lynn Hassett, Rose Bentley or Marlene Wise for more information.

Thank you for considering being part of this ministry.