How Old is the Earth?

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On June 16 Dr. Andrew Snelling held a lecture titled Rock Dating Methods & the Earth’s Age. In case you missed it, the lecture may be found HERE on our YouTube channel.

Radiometric dating is based on several assumptions.

  • How valid are those assumptions?

  • Can their validity be tested?

  • What do science and the Scriptures teach us about the age of the Earth?

Dr. Andrew A. Snelling - a highly qualified scholar and scientist – will bring an impressive depth of research and practical field experience to bear on these questions.

Dr. Snelling has a Bachelor of Science in Applied Geology from the University of New South Wales, Australia and a Ph.D. in Geology from the University of Sydney, Australia.  He has worked in industry and academia and has published numerous papers in creationist literature (e.g., Creation Ex-Nihilo Technical Journal) as well as mainstream scientific literature, such as the Journal of Geochemical Exploration.