Giving to Twin Oaks

There are numerous ways in which to give financially to Twin Oaks Presbyterian Church. In addition to putting a check or cash in the offering plate you may make a gift by using any of the following:

On-line Bill Pay

Instruct your bank to send funds directly to the church the same as you would pay a utility bill. You can make a one-time payment or instruct your bank to make recurring payments. There is no cost to the church with this method so all your funds are received by the church.

Debit & Credit Card

Log on to Go to the Resource tab and click on Giving. You will be instructed on making a gift. This can be a one-time or recurring gift. The church does incur nominal transaction fees for these gifts. Get straight to the giving page HERE.

Text Messaging

Text TOPC and the amount of the donation to 73256. You will receive a link to finish your donation. For example, to make a $100.00 dollar donation text TOPC 100.00 to 73256 and follow the prompts to complete the process. The church is assessed nominal fees for the transaction.

Stock Gifts

Transfer appreciated stock to the church and receive a donation based on the value the day of transfer. You will also avoid capital gains on the gift. Contact the business office for instructions on how to make a stock gift.

IRA Distributions

If you are over 70 1⁄2 you may direct your IRA custodian to distribute a gift directly to the church. This is called a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) and the distribution can fulfill a distribution requirement. Because the distribution is not counted as income the gift is not deductible. The gift will be listed on your end of year giving statement but you will need to advise your tax preparer that the gift was a QCD.

If you have any other questions regarding giving, please call or email Mark Hawkins in the church office at 636.861.1870 or