Children’s Sunday School 2018

Pre-K & K   Rm102

“God created all things”

Mrs. Sue White & Mrs. Claire Kohler

1st & 2nd Grade    Rm 103

“Living Together”

Mrs. Pam Cunningham & Ms. Vera Tur

3rd & 4th Grade     Rm 112

“Worshipping God”

Mr. Dan & Mrs. Krista Marcotte

5th Grade Rm 120


Mr. Luke &Mrs. Amy Furuto

Our Sunday School Curriculum is "Show Me Jesus" by Great Commission Publications.

8:50-9:00    Sign-in at the classrooms

900:- 9:45    Class Time- 1st -5th grades

9:00-10:00   Class Time- Pre-k & K

9:45             Wendy picks up children in classroom

9:45-10:15   Sing! Jr. at children chapel

10:15            Wendy takes children (1st-5th) to Fellowship Hall

10:15             Parents pickup children in the Fellowship Hall (Upstairs in the coffee area)


Children in Worship

Children’s Activity Papers are available on the ministry desks between the main Sanctuary doors. Children of all ages are welcome in worship! Families with young children are encouraged to sit in the front rows. The "Cry Room" is located in the balcony.

Children's Church

Children’s Church is available during the 2nd service sermon only for ages PreK - 3rd grade.
Children may come forward AFTER the Offertory, and their teachers will lead them to their classrooms.
Parents may pick them up as listed below:
PreK & Kindergarten meets downstairs in room 102
1st–3rd Grade meet downstairs in Children’s Chapel in the Reception Hall. 

The purpose of Children's Church is to assist parents in teaching their children how to worship. Our goal is to help our children transition from being in the nursery to participating in worship. Children become familiar with hymns, praise songs, creeds, scripture verses and prayers with the rest of the Twin Oaks Church family in the sanctuary setting. Children's church provides an age appropriate sermon.
This is a “parent-assisted” ministry, so parents take turns serving in Children’s Church.

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