The Summer Session Sunday School / Bible Study Hour has begun!

The Gospel of Mark - Andrew Iversen | Room 213 a&b

What did Jesus say and do? How did he understand his own ministry and life? We will be taking up these questions and more as we work through the Gospel of Mark together. We will also touch on historical background, the use of parables, and key issues regarding this wonderful book. Our aim will be to grow in our understanding of the person of Jesus Christ and in our trust in God's word.

The Glory of God - Dr. Robert Peterson | Lecture Hall

This grand theme appears in every major section of Scripture from the Law to Revelation. It impacts every major doctrine. This definition shows its tremendous breadth: “the glorious triune God displays his glory, through his creation, image-bearers, providence, and redemption. God’s people respond by glorifying him. God receives glory and, by uniting his people to Christ, shares his glory with them—all to his glory” (Morgan and Peterson, eds., The Glory of God [Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2010], 159). We can thus distinguish six aspects of God’s glory: Internal glory • external glory • response to glory • receives glory • shares glory • unto glory

Parenting for Good - Scott Kerens | Fellowship Hall

God instructs His people in Deuteronomy 6:7 to pass on the faith, but raising Godly children today seems like an impossible task. What is the goal of Christian parenting? Is it harder to parent today than in the past? How can we help our children make a Kingdom impact? This interactive class will equip parents of all ages to raise Godly children for Kingdom impact.