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Women’s Discussion of Paul’s Letters – Chandra Fessler & Betty McCracken

Please join the community of sisters in Christ as they continue to Pray Big by reading through Paul's Letters. Focusing on rival Gods in our own hearts we will pray to have heart-eyes for others. Meets in the Community Parlor after Coffee Kickstart.

The Book of Exodus – Dr. Jim Benecke

Exodus is a wonderful story where we witness God beginning to fulfill His promises to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. We will pay particular attention to the overall theme of redemption; looking for Christ-the perfect fulfillment of the Law God gave to His people. LECTURE HALL after Kickstart.

“Are You a Good Neighbor?” – Bill Myers, Jan Watson & Mark Hawkins

We're all neighbors. but what kind of neighbors are we? Bill, Jan and Mark will be co-leading a class to encourage our neighboring skills. Come listen, share, learn, consider, and hopefully become a better neighbor. Meets in Room 213a&b after Kickstart.