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Canons, Cannons, Missions & More | John Myers and Todd Akin | Lecture Hall

A grab-bag of topics covering church history, inspiring biographies, and Biblical principles applied to current issues. John Myers will lead off the series on March 10th, commemorating the 400th Anniversary of the Canons of Dort. In May, 1619 the Synod of the Dutch Reformed Church issued the results of its council at Dordtrecht, Netherlands in response to the teachings of Jacobus Arminius. Maybe these names are familiar, maybe you’re just hearing them for the first time. But the Canons are a major building block of politics, culture, and world history. Come learn more.

Galatians | Andy Iversen | Fellowship Hall

Andy Iversen will teach through the New Testament epistle (a letter written by the Apostle Paul) to the Galatians. Despite being addressed to a church struggling with heresy, this letter is encouraging, challenging, and relevant for today. The Fellowship Hall is also where coffee and snacks are served between Bible Hour and Worship Service on Sunday mornings.